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Israel in the News has stopped Broadcasting

Heaven 88.7 will no longer be airing Israel in the News on Friday and Saturday mornings, as the produces no longer make the program.

January 6, 2020 0

New Program on Heaven 88.7: Growing in Grace with Pastor Brian Weiss

In the past month, you may have noticed our weekend programming has changed. As a local station to the Red River Valley, Heaven 88.7 has several local pastors that have programs on the station. This past year, two pastors in the area retires, Ken Shaffer from Larrimore, ND., And Clay Doss from Crookston, MN. We’ve…
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September 17, 2019 0

Heaven 88.7 Fall Share-a-thon is coming up!

Fall Share-a-thon is Thursday-Friday October 3-4. Share-a-thon is one time of the year that we receive many of our donations that keep us running. We suggest that if you support us during share-a-thon, that you call in with the pledge. You can pay over the phone, pay online, schedule a future payment or recurring payment,…
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September 16, 2019 0

Listener Testimony: Chris C

About 5 years ago I quite by (‘coincidental’ chance) came across Heaven 88.7 on my Tunein Radio App. I’d like to say it was the variety of Godly Christian music that caught my attention. Truth be known, I’d have to say hands down what really got me was the preaching. There are a number of…
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June 26, 2019 1

Listener Testimony: Steve K

It was my brother that first mentioned the new Christian radio station to me. I had seen the billboards around town but hadn’t tried it yet. I was a longtime listener to another local station and had sampled a few other Christian stations in the region while driving truck. I found the programming to be…
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June 26, 2019 0

Listener Testimony: Rob Johnson

After having been saved in March of 2003, it was roughly during the next six month period where I was searching for a church to attend. There were so many churches in Fargo but I had always believed it was a Baptist church where the Lord wanted me. I had attended a small Baptist church…
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June 26, 2019 0

5/23/19 Temporary Outage

FM Listeners are currently experiencing an outage due to power being out at the Heaven 88.7 Studio. Xcel Energy is doing work, and the station should be on air again later today. Online listeners are not affected.

May 23, 2019 0

What does heaven 88.7 mean to you? Let us know.

Do you have a testimony of how Heaven 88.7 has impacted your life, or how it’s been a blessing? We’d like to share the story and your first name with our listeners online and in radio promos. Use the contact form on our homepage to share your testimony of the station with us.

May 23, 2019 1

Updates to Android & Apple Apps

Our Heaven 88.7 Apps have been updated as of about a week ago. If you have experienced problems with the app before, try downloading it again. Additionally, the app is now compatible with Android Auto.

May 23, 2019 0

Coming Soon: A new voice on the weekends

We are currently preparing a new program to air on the weekends. We’ll let you know as soon as the schedule is changed.

May 21, 2019 0