What does heaven 88.7 mean to you? Let us know.

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What does heaven 88.7 mean to you? Let us know.

May 23, 2019 Uncategorised 1

Do you have a testimony of how Heaven 88.7 has impacted your life, or how it’s been a blessing? We’d like to share the story and your first name with our listeners online and in radio promos.

Use the contact form on our homepage to share your testimony of the station with us.

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  1. Chris Carroll says:

    About 5 years ago I quite by (‘coincidental’ chance) came across Heaven 88.7 on my Tunein Radio App. I’d like to say it was the variety of Godly Christian music that caught my attention. Truth be known, I’d have to say hands down what really got me was the preaching. There are a number of good Christian radio stations with appropiate music without the world’s sound out there; few there be out there that really shine when it comes to sound Biblical preaching. Heaven 88.7 has the finest selection of preaching that I have ever found! Preachers such as Pastor Scheving, S.M. Davis, Paul Chapel, Clarence Sexton, and Adrian Rogers are just some of many that daily preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I dare say, I don’t miss a single day of hearing from a number of them. This is preaching that really teaches the whole counsel of God – not just feel good messages on Heaven. I have been challenged day after day by the these messages. Pastor Scheving and Adrian Rogers standout as the best of best in my opinion. I truly have learned so many valuable life lessons from their messages. The balance between music and preaching is really noteworthy… as well as the selection of music. Many times I have woke up to music here and it brightened my day substantially. This may sound a bit cliché, but I have often thought of Heaven 88.7 as my personal city of refuge from a world that so easily can drag one down – especially the latest news of the day. Thankfully there is only a small sampling of headlines at the top of the hour. One final point, I found it took maybe a few weeks for me to be completely sold on this fine Christian station… so for the new listener I’d suggest giving it a bit of time. I am so thankful and blessed beyond measure by Heaven 88.7! Too bad I can’t pull it in locally from the car radio, but it can be heard on any smart phone via Tunein Radio or Heaven 88.7 apps.

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