Listener Testimony: Steve K

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Listener Testimony: Steve K

June 26, 2019 Uncategorised 0

It was my brother that first mentioned the new Christian radio station to me. I had seen the billboards around town but hadn’t tried it yet. I was a longtime listener to another local station and had sampled a few other Christian stations in the region while driving truck.

I found the programming to be good (preaching, teaching, and music) and liked it, so I made it a preset. (I only had two now.) Now whenever my first station played something I didn’t care for I would switch to 88.7, then back again for the programs I liked. Within a few months I realized I was listening more and more to 88.7. 

I didn’t understand why, but my “loyalty” was changing; I was hungry for truth and feeding and growing here. The gospel message never gets old. I was hearing what I needed to hear.

I hadn’t noticed the subtle changes in the earlier station gradually becoming more contemporary and in tune with the world through the years, both in the teaching and the music. The truth and the standards were being compromised for the sake of popularity. We don’t need another imitation of the world, but rather a clear presentation of the words of eternal life.

I gladly support Heaven 88.7 radio ministry, that the good news will continue to go out and affect many for Christ.

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