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Top 20 Charts For KFBN This Month

February 2016
# Song Title Artist Label
1 The Unseen Hand Burns Brothers
2 With My Song Champion baptist College
3 What Never Changes Gospel Light Singers
4 God is in the Shadows Collingsworth Family
5 Highway To Heaven The Inspirations
6 Its Still True Faithmen Quartet
7 Love As I Loved Matt Furse
8 I Thirst Daybreak Quartet
9 In Gods Hands Epleys
10 Field of Grace Moore Family
11 What Faith Does Golden State Baptist College
12 Thirst For God Marshall Family
13 Even in the Valley Daugherty Sisters
14 The Midnight Cry Mike Fox
15 God Can Pensacola Choir
16 Hide Me, Rock of Ages Rejoice Singers
17 In All Things God Works For Our Good Lois And India
18 I Found It All Clark Family
19 Without The Cross Pictures of Grace
20 He Gave Himself His Own